A Small Update


A lot of things have happened in the last few weeks. So much that I’m not sure I can fit it in one post.

So keep an eye out! Hopefully I’ll get it up real soon.

It’s been an adventure and a half, tell you what.


Cedar Glades Park, Hot Springs, Arkansas

Nestled comfortably in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas is Hot Springs National Park.  Outside the city, outside the park is a small village that shares a name: Hot Springs Village.  It’s small, quaint and quiet.  Peaceful and beautiful.

 As you continue down winding roads, ancient pines and flowering trees crawl past and part to reveal Cedar Glades Park.  Unassuming, the park boasts a R/C airfield, miles of mountain biking and hiking trails, a frisbee golf course, and tree house for children to climb and explore.

I was only able to stay a night due to approaching weather but I enjoyed every minute of it.  Donning my Etchr Art satchel I hiked one of their shorter trails and came across a small creek divided by a line of stones.

I was struck by how green and calm one side was while the water turned blue once it had passed through the stones and over a small ledge.  It was an odd contrast that I’d never seen (or never noticed) and I loved it.  I had found my painting.

While the national park is something I will return for I think I may still return to Cedar Glades Park for a visit.  A fresh, quiet, breath of air from a busy life.

Breaking Habits and Altering Mindsets

Hello from Arkansas!

I’m currently in yet another McDonald’s using their wifi.  I think they’re on to me.  They got rid of their outlets a while ago.  Must have known I was coming.

I’m not sure how to even start writing this post.  It’s not something that I’ve seen written or talked about.  When you look into travel blogs they all seem like they have their ‘stuff’ together.  But surely there’s an adjustment period?

Or maybe I’m just having difficulty.

The way society is currently designed is like a factory.  You’re born, you’re shaped into this form that fits the mold, spat out into a convienent work place (hopefully a career), and then you’re expected to operate in this tiny space you’re allowed to occupy.  You work, you go home, you work, you go home.

Eventually it becomes a blur.

And I’ve been so used to that.  I’ve been crammed into that mold society designed for me that….breaking free is difficult.

For the last six months I worked two jobs.  There were months where I didn’t have a single day off.  I was always going, always moving, and always to a schedule set for me by another.  By obligations.  And now I find….I have no obligations.

It’s both freeing and terrifying.  I find myself constantly realizing ‘I’m doing this’.  The tone switches between anxiety and excitement.

There is no ‘place to return’.  No end to this unless I decide it.  There is only…..carte blanche.  And I have no idea how to function with it.

I have so much freedom I can’t even comprehend it.  And I didn’t realize this till I met Dan and Leanne from Tiny Life Gear (which you should absolutely check out).  Leanne asked if I had hiked any trails at the small park we were at.  Such a simple question.  Yet such wake up call.

I hadn’t.  I had barely done any hiking.  I had barely done anything that I had set out to do.  I kept going, kept moving.  Except this time…I didn’t have a reason.  There was no end goal.  Just me following a schedule that wasn’t even there.

I had decided to skip Mammoth Falls due to weather and decided to visit Hot Springs later.  Again, due to weather.  But why?  I could wait the weather out (except Mammoth Falls, Kentucky has forgotten what spring is).  In fact I am still in Arkansas, reeling from this.

I have no schedule but the one I choose.  And what am I supposed to do with this new freedom?  After being told what to do and when since birth…this is….inconceivable.  I’ve having difficulty just figuring out what to do the rest of the day, let alone the next few days.  Do I continue to Texas?  Do I stay in Arkansas and follow a few leads on how to fund the rest of this journey?

I don’t know.

And what about the rest of this journey?  Where do I start and where do I end?

I don’t know.

It’s such an odd thing, being able to choose everything.  Where I go, where I stay, what I do, what I eat.  Everything is up to me.

What a concept.