Cedar Glades Park, Hot Springs, Arkansas

Nestled comfortably in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas is Hot Springs National Park.  Outside the city, outside the park is a small village that shares a name: Hot Springs Village.  It’s small, quaint and quiet.  Peaceful and beautiful.

 As you continue down winding roads, ancient pines and flowering trees crawl past and part to reveal Cedar Glades Park.  Unassuming, the park boasts a R/C airfield, miles of mountain biking and hiking trails, a frisbee golf course, and tree house for children to climb and explore.

I was only able to stay a night due to approaching weather but I enjoyed every minute of it.  Donning my Etchr Art satchel I hiked one of their shorter trails and came across a small creek divided by a line of stones.

I was struck by how green and calm one side was while the water turned blue once it had passed through the stones and over a small ledge.  It was an odd contrast that I’d never seen (or never noticed) and I loved it.  I had found my painting.

While the national park is something I will return for I think I may still return to Cedar Glades Park for a visit.  A fresh, quiet, breath of air from a busy life.

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  1. Hi, we just stopped for lunch at New China and Clarissa gave us this web site. So nice to see our names on your Thank you page!! Enjoy and stay safe

    The Aiellos, for the laughs they gave me, support and kindness. I’ll miss you guys!

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